Add Some Life to Your Bathroom Decor. Here’s Few Tips

Among the things that home buyers look at when buying a house is the master bathroom. This is because a bathroom is where you begin and end your day and it plays an important role in relaxing you. The master bathroom should be a peaceful haven and feel just like a spa except you don’t have to pay. With that in mind, here are 6 d├ęcor tips you can add to bring some life into that bathroom;

1. Add some greeneries. One of the things you will notice when you go to a spa are the many strategically placed potted plants and flowers. There is something about greeneries that make a room feel cool, calming and luxurious so try to place a potted plant in one corner.

2. Get some soft textiles. The second feature that you find in all spas is the soft textiles that make you feel like a baby. Invest in white luxury towels, a fluffy rug outside the shower and tub and of course some sheer curtains on the window. You need to arrange those white towels nicely on a tray or storage area and hang one on the shower rod.

3. A touch of brass. Brass and copper is all the rage right now especially in luxury bathrooms and hotels. You can try something as small as faucets or install a beautiful copper bathroom sink to bring that fresh look in your bathroom. The fact that its not chrome will make all the difference. You can also do brass soap dish or decorative jar.

4. Try white marble. Refurbishing your bathroom can be an expensive affair if you want to give it a complete fresh look. If you have the money, one of the best things you can do is install white or light colored marble on the walls and floors. Marble looks cool and luxurious and nothing can compare to I. However, if you don’t have the money, you can do a classic wall paper on one side to create a focal point.

5. Get creative with the lighting. the regular bulbs will just not do in your master bathroom. You need something extra to make it pop. One great idea is to have a chandelier hanged in there and ensure the lighting is very bright but has a dimmer. If a chandelier is too much, try wall lights that can change colors or scented candles everywhere.

6. Add a statement mirror and colorful shower curtain. The ideal situation is actually having a glass wall shower and a beautiful bathtub on the side. However, you can always make the best of your situation by installing a statement mirror on the focal wall and a luxurious shower curtain around your shower. These two pieces will transform your bathroom tremendously and they don’t cost much, check these shower curtains.

Your dream may be to have a Kardashian bathroom that has everything you see in magazines. While you wait to achieve that dream, these six tips will help transform your bathroom into a spa-like haven without costing you an arm and a leg.